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Mission and Vision of Instituto Vida Abundante


MISSION & VISION – Instituto Vida Abundante


Vision:     The vision of Instituto Vida Abundate is to train students to become world-changers for Christ through caring, high quality instruction and discipleship.  Through the examples set by  the teachers, administrators, and missionaries, the students will be inspired to grow to be examples in their community and the world who live to love God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength and know how to love their neighbor.  (Luke 10:27)


Mission :   Instituto Vida Abundante exists to provide an excellent education, from a Christian Biblical perspective, to economically-disadvantaged students, while seeking to develop the whole person for the glory of God.  We seek to prepare each student spiritually, academically, physically, and socially to love God and their neighbor. (Proverbs 22:6)


School Overview

The inaugural school year will begin in mid-February 2014 and end in November 2014; running concurrently with the Honduran public schools.   In 2014, we will begin with 7th grade.   Each year thereafter, God willing, we will add one additional grade as the inaugural class advances.

Daily Provision:

*The school will provide 2 meals each day – breakfast and lunch.    A student needs adequate nutrition to fully participate in a school day.  Given the poverty in La Moskitia and the goal of the school to care for each student in a holistic manner,  it is essential to provide these basic things to the students as a means for them to be well-prepared daily for the educational challenges.


*The financial and visionary roles for the school will be filled by ROH missionaries, under the accountability of the ROH Board of Directors.

*ROH missionaries will be present at the school every school day – welcoming students, getting to know students personally and providing oversight for all aspects of administration.

*The Director of the school will be a strong Christian believer,  with a background in education, Honduran (hopefully Miskito) and will assist in hiring and training teachers and coordinating discipline aspects in accordance with the Biblical vision set forth by ROH and consistent with the cultural context of La Mosquitia and the laws of Honduras.  The teachers will have a love for Jesus, a love for students, a love for learning and a commitment to the vision set forth by ROH.


*The Honduran teachers will be strong Christian believers, Honduran university-educated or pursuing their university licensure, with a passion for innovation and educational excellence in La Moskitia.  The teachers will have a love for Jesus, a love for students, a love for learning and a commitment to the vision set forth by ROH.


*First and foremost, ROH desires to employ Honduran teachers  Our goal is to come-alongside the Honduran teachers to encourage them so that they will be leaders long after individual missionaries are gone.   When applicable, ROH missionaries can teach appropriate classes including English and Bible.


*Students will be selected from a diverse background of academic knowledge and family life.  With this in mind, the majority of students will come from poor families that do not have the means to further their children’s education.   We will leave a small percentage of open places for middle class families and missionary children that have a connection to the school in some manner.   The students will have completed the 6th grade in the Honduran public school system.

*The selection criteria will include grades, family interview, test, student motivation, potential, etc.

*Accepted students will receive a scholarship for one year of studies.   Further scholarship funds will be allocated based on prior year’s grades, conduct and recommendation of the Director and Teachers.

*Students will be required to participate in INTENSIVE PREP class for 2-3 weeks in January and early February of 2014.  This class will include computer and Math.

*During the school year, students will participate in daily worship, Bible classes, life groups with missionaries and teachers, outreach opportunities and weekly volunteer jobs in addition to their school day.   These additional opportunities along with breakfast and lunch will make the entire school day around 7 hours, rather than the typical 3-4 hours in a traditional Honduran public school.

*As the school grows, ROH desires to add specific training in trade and vocational skills as God provides instructors.



*Families will pay a small amount each month for their student to attend Instituto Vida Abundante.   We believe that it gives a family the respect and dignity they deserve to be able to contribute something of value toward the education of their children.  ($4 US)

*To receive the yearly scholarships, each family will be required to volunteer 1 day per month.  Volunteer jobs will include:  cooking meals, cleaning the school buildings, establishing the school garden, serving as a watchman during the day, etc.