Food Sponsorship

Lack of nutrition is an enormous problem in the remote area of La Mosquitia.    Instituto Vida Abundante believes students should be able to study without the barrier of hunger.   

Our dream is to provide 2 meals each day;  breakfast and lunch.      One of those meals will include eggs from our own chicken project.      We desire to provide vitamins and nutrition education in the future, as well.

Our friends at Send Hope have agreed to donate the rice needed for meals.    This is a HUGE start for the feeding program.

Currently, one family has stepped up to be the primary Food Sponsor at $500 per month.   Their sacrificial gift of $500 will supplement the rice with beans, vegetables, etc. until the feeding program can become partially sustainable.

If you would like to help add fruit to the menu, visit this link to assist in the feeding program at Instituto Vida Abundante.